You have arrived at the perfect place for people who prefer Pyrrhura parrots and also admire Aratingas.

I used to have two Pyrrhura’s, a Green Cheeked Conure, Charlie, and a Crimson Bellied Conure, Rudy.  Since they were both Pyrrhura conures, and both extremely lovable, I created this website to write things about them.  Mostly for my own benefit, so I can remember things I shared with my birds; but I don’t mind sharing my bird obsession with anyone who will pay attention.

Unfortunately, Rudy died after a short illness at the age of two.  If you want to look at what a wonderful little friend he was, the videos on Pyrrhuraphile’s YouTube Channel say more than any words ever could (not that I haven’t tried) about why everyone loved him so much.  You can also see more about him on his page, by clicking at the top, or read about him in some of my Bird Blog entries.

I knew right away I wanted another parrot.   Some day I would love to have another CBC, but not so soon after losing Rudy and his beautiful and distinctive crimson belly.  I considered another GCC, but the truth is that Charlie  doesn’t crave avian companionship nearly as much as I do.  Finally I “discovered” the Blue Crowned Conure.  It happened to be the bird of August 2010 on my calendar, but had no identification as to species.  I looked them up on the internet and  kept seeing wonderful things about them being smart, sweet, and unlike most Aratingas, fairly good talkers and not as prone to screeching.  Beautiful to look at, and a nice size.

I had never considered any of the Aratinga family,  since they were always described as being noiser than Pyrrhura’s.  I had never heard of a BCC, but was soon convinced that this was the bird for me, and that I could make one an honorary Pyrrhura for the sake of my domain name.  I thought I would find a baby at a breeder somewhere, but found that they are fairly hard to come by.  Then out of the BLUE, I called up a local pet store and found that a 6 year old BCC had been sold by his people, and that he was a really NICE bird.  One visit led to another, which led to me becoming the happy caretaker of Louie the BCC on August 29th 2010, because he is indeed a NICE bird, and I couldn’t pass him by.

The unfolding story of getting to know Louie, and introducing him to Charlie, and other friends and family, will continue in my Bird Blog.

This page last updated September 1, 2010